So long, farewell…

Auf wiedersehen, adieu!

Adieu!  Adieu!  To you, and you, and you!

If you know what that’s from it just proves you and I were meant to be friends.

I’ve had Lucy writing blog entries for a while now and she’s been doing an excellent job.  She’s actually started her second round pretty recently, and if she has time she will be doing as much as she can to keep up with this blog.

I wanted to officially say good bye to all of you.  I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging on here and keeping up with all of you and learning from you, but the next adventure of my life is beginning and for the next several months I am going to be ridiculously busy!  (As I have been the last few months, lol!)

You’re probably wondering what this new adventure is.  :)  And I can’t wait to tell you!



Yes, you read that correctly.  :)  And if you didn’t notice, he proposed at my most favorite place in the world!  So I’ll be busy planning a wedding and all that jazz, because we’re getting married this summer.  He is the most amazing man, and I still wake up every morning wondering what I did to deserve a man so wonderful. ❤

You all have been so amazing, encouraging each other and sharing your tips and tricks, and I hope you have an idea of just how many people you’ve inspired and helped with this blog.  I’m so proud of you that have stuck with this intense change and have succeeded!  I wish you all the best!  Lucy will continue to update the blog as she can, but I will not be posting much at all from now on (not that I have been recently).  I will miss you and I hope you continue making good choices through this lifestyle change!

Love Always,


I’m sorry…

I’ve been a terrible, awful, no-good, very bad blogger.  I apologize.

For those of you who remember me, HI, I’m Lucy! Everyone say, “Hi, Lucy!”

Wave awkwardly...

Wave awkwardly…

I finished my second round of Nutrimost, and lost about 35 pounds. I have since gained about 4 back, but there was an incident with my birthday… and key lime pie… and sangria may or may not have been involved… I am not sorry for that.🙂 Plus, I lost a pound this morning, so really it’s only three pounds. I have my appointment this Friday, September 25th, to start the second round.  My load day is Saturday, October 3rd. I’m pretty excited about it (the whole program, not just the load day).  I miiiiight consider a third round in January, but I haven’t decided yet.

To the regulars out there, stick with it!  Hopefully you’re all making great progress and enjoying the new you.  To the newcomers, welcome!  Read up on the Nutrimost Basics that Ouisa has posted, and know that any of us are more than willing to help however we can.  It may take us a little while to get back to you (seriously, both Ouisa and I are swamped right now), but we’ll answer what we can, and defer to others when we can’t.  I promise, I’m really going to try and set dates for when I’ll post from now on… maybe every Tuesday and Friday or something.  I’ll let you know.

Oh, and to the Nutrimost haters and critics… feel free to read whatever you want and continue posting whatever comments you want, because we won’t approve it anyway.😀

“Your ‘tude isn’t welcome here anyway!”

Have a great week, y’all!

Love, Lucy

Love, Lucy

Day 5,423…

No, seriously.  It’s day 53, I think.  Yeah,  I’m officially in Phase 4, and my weight set point is… well, set.  I had one pound to go until I hit my goal weight for this round.  However, my body apparently has had enough, and I can’t seem to lose it.  So I’m sticking to where I am.

Plus, part of me kind of thinks that since I have to maintain this weight within two pounds, if I lose a pound, then I’ll just work on maintaining that.  Make sense?  Does to me.

chuck norris

Makes sense to Chuck, apparently…

As of this morning, I have lost a total of 34 pounds… and as of this morning, I am super satisfied with that.  The nurse at the doctor’s office told me that even in Phase 4, when you’re maintaining, you’ll continue to lose inches.  I admit, I was pretty skeptical about that, and still fixated on the ONE POUND I still had to lose. But she was right!  The scale hasn’t budged, but my jeans are looser, my belts are too big (that makes the loose jeans a problem), I only have one pair of shorts that fit, I have a pile of dresses to take to the seamstress to take in, and – weirdly enough – I have shoes that don’t fit.  SHOES, y’all!  I have SHOES that flop around on my feet!  How bizarre is that?

I have added back most of my normal hygiene products (I LOVE you, antiperspirant!), including anti-wrinkle cream. (I’m thirty-shptthehth years old.  That stuff is mandatory.) I still use the Tom’s toothpaste, though.  The Wicked Fresh peppermint stuff?  I actually like it.  I have pretty sensitive skin, and sometimes Colgate/Crest makes my gums itchy.  (Or maybe after 30 everything just starts to disintegrate…) The Tom’s doesn’t do that at all.  I’m out of ALL drops (weight loss and detox), but I still take the Hydrovitalize, Hydromolecular, and the Drops of Death (Max B-ND).  I still use the Nutrimost Conditioner as lotion, because I like it and it doesn’t make my skin itchy like some lotions.  (Anything with heavy fragrances gives me big, fat, itchy hives. It’s gross.)

Food-wise, adding stuff back has been fun.  I don’t seem to have any adverse reactions to cheese…


…which makes me so happy I almost can’t stand it. :D  I had bacon in my salad today…


…so we’ll see how the scale likes that tomorrow.

I had prepped for this week on Sunday by writing out what foods I can have, and making mason jar salads for lunches this week.  I also found a recipe for Egg Roll in a Bowl (check it out here),  but I haven’t eaten that yet, because my microwave committed suicide a week ago and I keep forgetting I need a new one… until I NEED it. (I think the original recipe calls for sausage, I used ground turkey and omitted the sesame seeds.)  I’ve found I can only finish about 3/4 of the salad, which leads me to believe Nutrimost gnomes (Gnutrimost Gnomes?) have invaded my body and are in the process of shrinking my stomach.  Because, before Nutrimost, my appetite fell somewhere in between “I could eat a horse!” to “Batten down the hatches, boys!”


Also – and I can’t resist, I’m so sorry (not) – I decided to do salads because my lunch breaks have been busy with…


This is Lucy, my new Golden Retriever/Collie puppy.  Isn’t she sweet?!  She’s a baby, so I have to go home at lunch and let her out and walk her (a worn out puppy means a happy momma!).  I did the salads because then I don’t have to actually cook anything at lunch. ;)  Aaaand, since it’s National Dog Day, I’m sharing a picture of my other sweet baby girl, Miss Ellie! (Kudos if you can figure out where their names came from!)

Miss Ellie. She's my first

Miss Ellie. She’s my first “baby.”

I also expect to see pictures of your furry babies in the comments section, got it? 🙂

Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

I know the Nutrimost diet seems challenging at first.  It IS a challenge.  But it’s worth it.  You’re totally worth it. Hope you’re all having a fantastic week! Let me know how you’re doing!

Love, Lucy

Love, Lucy

If it were easy, everyone would do it.

That doesn’t just hold true for Nutrimost – that’s for losing weight PERIOD.

I felt compelled to write this for several reasons. 

  1. I am awake at 2:48 AM. I’m not happy about it, but I have a new puppy, and she requires bathroom privileges (trips to the front lawn) every four hours or so. 
  2. Several glasses of unsweet tea with dinner have made it so I cannot get back to sleep. And also cause me to require bathroom privileges (but not trips to the front lawn) every four hours or so. (Note to self, restrict liquids after 7:30 PM like you do with the dog…)
  3. Ouisa and I both have been fielding several comments (some have been approved, most have not) regarding the validity and “ease” of the Nutrimost program.

Regarding the validity and the concerns over whether or not this is “healthy”: First, let me say that Nutrimost works. Ouisa is proof that it works. Amy and Mandy are proof that it works. All of you who have commented, encouraged both us and each other, and allowed us to celebrate your successes during these times of struggle are proof that it works! (I’m only half joking… I didn’t eat cheese for 44 days, THAT is a STRUGGLE!) Yes, it’s very strict and very low calorie. How else do you think they can guarantee at least a 20 pound weight loss in 44 days? It’s “unhealthy” and a “scam”? Guys. Why is it people have no problem telling someone (whether it’s through the “privacy” of a computer screen or face to face) that their eating plan is “unhealthy”? Would you ever DREAM of walking up to someone who was overweight and commenting, “You know, you need to rethink those corn dogs, you’re really not healthy”? If you can honestly say you would do that, go away. Now. Addressing a genuine concern for a loved one is one thing; being an outspoken, judgmental snot is another. While we’re on the subject of healthy: in order to ensure your safety and well-being (yes, safety, it’s 500 CALORIES!), Nutrimost needs to be done through a licensed health care provider. Neither Ouisa nor I advocate doing this yourself.  There’s a reason for the supplements and drops: they’re designed to control hunger, reset and recalibrate your body and its biomarkers, and replenish whatever nutrients you may not get through the food you’re eating. You won’t know what your body requires unless you have the body scan, and you can’t just go in Amazon and start filling a cart with pills in the hopes that they’ll work. You may do more harm than good.  Again: GO THROUGH A DOCTOR.  They’re there for you if you’re struggling, to offer encouragement when you’re succeeding, and to answer questions that, let’s face it, this blog cannot answer. Side note: I am fully aware most, if not all, doctors offering this program are chiropractors. For those of you still skeptical, I scanned and emailed EVERY SINGLE PAPER I received from my scan and initial consultation – including foods lists and instructions – to my GP. She said she’d had several patients that have seen great success with this program, and she approved – even recommended – it to me. She liked that they encouraged organic and fresh foods, which leads me to my next point…

The “ease” of Nutrimost: Of course it isn’t easy! Name one lifestyle change that is!

  • “Oh, you can just cut carbs.” (Sure, until your friends decide movie night is pizza night, too, and you’re smelling pepperoni and mozzarella while eating your sad salad with no croutons.
  • “Just count your calories.”
  • “Just BURN more calories than you eat” (That’s one of my favorites. I’ve completed three half marathons, and let me tell you, those three days were the ONLY days I succeeded in doing that. Most people don’t have time for that much exercise, or if they do, then it still requires a conscious effort to choose lower calorie foods so as not to go over.)

I think that’s where a lot of people balk: conscious effort. Oftentimes, laziness leads to being overweight.  (Yeah, I was running, but did I cook dinner? Heck no! Chinese takeout, please!) I didn’t say all the time – I realize and respect some people have genuine medical issues. But for the rest of us, we are in this mess because we cannot or will not make healthy food choices. Why? Because it’s haaaaard! (I don’t WANNA cook tonight, I cooked last night!) Personally, I think the Nutrimost plan is quite simple and straightforward: this is what you can eat, this is when you can eat it, this is what to avoid, now live long and prosper.  I will admit to putting a lot of thought (dare I say, effort?!) into it at the beginning, creating a meal plan and schedule to follow until I got the so I didn’t get confused.  I had reminders in my phone to take the drops. Good grief, I know an awesome seller on Etsy, and I had her make little signs for my daily affirmations so I could hang them in my dressing room! Not saying you have to go that far, but you’re going to have to put forth some effort, and that goes for ANY weight loss program. For those of you that have families and little kids (bless you), it probably means making two separate meals at dinner. (Unless your kid actually eats cabbage or asparagus… in which case, high five!) For those of you who live alone like me (HI FRIENDS, I LOVE YOU!), yeah, you have to cook, but this is so flipping easy because on this plan, YOU’RE ALREADY ONLY COOKING FOR ONE! No more trying to half (or even quarter) a recipe because you don’t want to be eating leftovers for the next seven days… (barf.) Every meal is for one! Yay! 

My point is – taking me a while to get there, sorry – it doesn’t matter if you do Nutrimost, Atkins, Weight Watchers, use an app for calories… Whatever you do, you need to make an effort. And effort does not equal ease. We have got to learn not to just survive, but to THRIVE. (Go buy Casting Crowns’ song “Thrive”, seriously. Love love love it!) We have got to learn to take care of ourselves and make healthy meals and food choices, and this program teaches you that! (For the record, there are great weight loss programs out there that teach you how to eat to live. If this one doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, find one that is.)

I understand people get frustrated. Shoot, I hit about a 12-day plateau and was ready to pull my hair out. I think Ouisa may have laid out rules before, but I’m doing it again:

  • No more “scam” comments. This program is NOT  a scam. If you feel that way, why on earth are you even on this blog?
  • No more asking about buying stuff online so that you can do this yourself. Ouisa and I are trying to be respectful of our doctors (as well as yours), and it does them an injustice if we start pointing people in the direction of doing this yourself with no guidance. (I am telling you, you CANNOT subsist on the very low calorie phase without a doctor’s help and the drops/supplements they provide you.) 

I, personally, will not be approving any comments along those lines.  I have no problem answering what I can, trying to be sympathetic to your concerns, etc. Because I don’t know any of you, but I honestly do want you to succeed. I want you to be healthier. I want you to be happier. 

… And, if we’re being honest, I want more people to choose apples over cheeseburgers so that one day, maybe I can pay less for my Envy apples than I would for a double cheeseburger. So… let’s make that happen, people.😉

Love, Lucy
(Written on my iPad… I’ll check for typos later.)


…But I’m not finished. Ha! :)  I still have drops, and I’m THISCLOSE to the goal weight I had in mind (for this round), so I’m actually going to finish Thursday. Which means my Phase 3 will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and my weight-set point and start of Phase 4 will be Monday the 24th.

As of today, I’ve lost a total of 32 pounds according to my scale at home, which is what I go by, because I can weigh without clothes. ;)  (You needed to know this about me, didn’t you? You’re WELCOME!) I totally forgot to measure this morning, so I’ll do that later, possibly Thursday.  So far, my stats are as follows:

  • Blood pressure: I’m going to say that’s pretty much stayed the same.  I actually don’t have high blood pressure, which is interesting since I’m a little high-strung/type-A.  It was higher than it usually is when I was in the doctor’s office the first time, but I was extremely nervous (I hate going to the doctor – for ANY reason).
  • Metabolic Age: This hasn’t changed, and it’s ANNOYING.  But whatever, I feel better.🙂
  • Fat Percentage: went from 46.4% to 42.8% (-3.6%)
  • Fat Mass (ugh, depressing!): went from 105 lbs to 84.2 lbs (-20.8 lbs)
  • BMI (again, depressing!): 37.7 to 32.7 (-5)
  • Visceral Fat: went from 10 to 8 (-2)
  • Hydration Level: 39.2% to 41.4% (+2.2%)
  • Degree of Obesity: 71.3% to 48.7% (-22.6%!!)

I’m super happy with these results!  I’ve gone down about two dress sizes, but I haven’t really had to buy clothes, because I’m just wearing the ones from the “These are for when I lose weight” side of the dressing room. ;)  I’m still doing a second round starting October 2nd, just because that will mean finishing before Thanksgiving, and seriously, I have loved this diet, but I do NOT want to do this business during Thanksgiving! Turkey and dressing and pie, oh my!

I have noticed my hair is thinner, which right now is the only complaint I have at this point.  I’m out of Adrenaven, but I’m going to ask about taking Biotin during Phase 4.  Weirdly enough, my nails are growing faster than ever!  I usually have to trim and file them every week, but now it’s about every 4-5 days.  Bizarre.

I think that’s about it for today.  I’m going to try and post more often.  I really don’t feel like I have a whole lot to say, though.  And I think blogs that just post about their day-to-day lives are silly.  You don’t need to know that I really wanted my coffee to “kick in” (wink wink) before I weighed in this morning, that I saw a completely vulgar bumper sticker on a truck on the way to my doctor’s appointment (like, I really wanted to roll my window down and tell him, “You, sir, are disgusting!”), or that I’m doing a steak day and I would probably strangle someone for a ribeye but I’m settling for a sirloin because I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT!  (And, in the spirit of true honesty and friendship, if someone put a ribeye in front of me I could probably eat about 20 ounces worth.)

Let me know how you’re doing and feeling!  Hello to the newbies! Have a great Monday!

<3, Lucy

<3, Lucy

“Your body can do anything… it’s your BRAIN you have to convince!”

Truer words were never spoken!  For me, 90% of this diet is completely mental.  It’s adapting a new mindset of, “No, I cannot eat those french fries because they’re bad for me” or “No, you do not ‘need’ that Big Mac you just saw on TV.”  It’s reaching for the apple when you really want to dig into the chocolate a client just brought you.  It’s drinking unsweetened tea (still not quuuiiiite used to that) when you really just want a Diet Coke.

It’s also putting on a skirt you haven’t been able to wear in a year and realizing that no, the scale hasn’t budged in a few days, but something is going on in here!


Oh, and I actually ate an apple at lunch… and didn’t cough it back up. :)  Progress!


I’m in a meme-y mood.  I actually considered writing this entire entry using only memes; however, I didn’t feel like devoting the time to making all of them.

I realized during my whine-fest a couple of days ago (I’m allowed to call it that, you are not) that I forgot to update you on my doctor’s appointment this past Monday.  My metabolic age hasn’t changed, but my other numbers have decreased dramatically.  My hydration levels have only inched up a tiiiiiny bit, but I’m already drinking all the water I’m supposed to, so they’re not super concerned that hasn’t gone up a lot.  It was fairly good to begin with. :)  I did opt to buy the Nutrimost “The Most Incredible Conditioner”, as I’m not thrilled with the Neutrogena Oil-Free, and aloe is not cutting it. (I have dry skin anyway, and this no-lotion business is making my skin like the Sahara!)  The smell is actually kind of pleasant, at least for me.  I don’t like flowery smells, and while they claim it’s unscented, it actually has a light, somewhat clean smell to it.  Sort of like some moisturizer a doctor would prescribe.  Not medicinal at all, but also not enough to be considered “fragrance”.  I like it.  It feels funny going on (literally, you are spreading conditioner on your skin, so don’t expect some thick cream), but it sets in quickly, and I only have to apply it to my arms and legs in the morning.  That alone was worth the twenty-something bucks!

I officially have two weeks left, so I’m going to the doctor this coming Monday (the 10th), then the following Monday (17th).  The 17th is day 44! Wheeee!

michael and dwight

They’ve increased my blue drops, but the rest of my stuff has stayed the same.  I have, unfortunately, noticed some hair loss.  Nothing extreme, but there’s more in the shower than normal.  But I’m still taking my Adrenaven, and I may talk to them on Monday and see if I can increase the dosage for that. I’ll let you know what they say.

For those of you not on Nutrimost and just skulking around (welcome, skulkers!), after day 44, you have your new weight-set point.  You’re supposed to maintain that weight (within a few pounds) while adding back some previously forbidden foods, but avoiding sugars and starches.  There are a few social functions I have to attend, and I fully intend on eating a few foods I’m not supposed to.  I will just have to deal with the aftermath (and inevitable steak days that follow).  I’m not sorry, and since I’m doing a second round starting October 2nd, I figure I’ll be all right.  I’ve been very careful so far, and these events were planned in advance, and I’m going to enjoy them.  Because life is supposed to be fun.🙂

Oh, and I did talk to my doctor this morning via text, and just kind of said hey, weight loss has kind of stagnated, can I walk just a little?  He approved about a 15-20 minute walk (and warned no more than 30 minutes) and said it should help things kind of get going again.  We’ll see how it goes.  My dog will be thrilled with the walk, and even more that it’s short, because it’s hot and she has a lot of hair and gets tired easily in the summer.  (We have that in common.)

I have had a few… experiences… with Smooth Move tea.  Suffice it to say, it works, and works well, and it is NOT something I’d want to take when I know I’m going anywhere.  We’ll leave it at that.


Now that’s really it.  I feel like my head’s back in the game, and my body is finally following suit.  I’m interested to hear how the rest of y’all are doing, anyone hit any great goals recently?  Let me know!🙂

<3, Lucy

<3, Lucy